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Babel, 24 x 20 inches, Oil on canvas

This piece is intended as a modern adaptation of the ancient story of the tower of Babel using communications towers on a mountain instead of the traditional man-made ziggurat depicted in liturgical art.

From Wikipedia:

“The story of the Tower of Babel explains the confusion of tongues: variation in human language. The story’s theme of competition between God and humans appears elsewhere in Genesis, in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The 1st-century Jewish interpretation found in Flavius Josephus explains the construction of the tower as a hubristic act of defiance against God ordered by the arrogant tyrant Nimrod. There have, however, been some contemporary challenges to this classical interpretation, with emphasis placed on the explicit motive of cultural and linguistic homogeneity mentioned in the narrative (v. 1, 4, 6).  This reading of the text sees God’s actions not as a punishment for pride, but as an etiology of cultural differences, presenting Babel as the cradle of civilization”

Babel is now owned by a private collector in Singapore

Guy W. Bell