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Artist’s Statement: 

My work examines the nature of expectation and perception, the role of individualism and symbolic representation on contemporary culture. It is purposeful that my work not stagnate in the reimagining of a certain image or theme, but that the themes within my work are born, mature, and wither as knowledge is gained of a subject. Use of metaphor, symbols, and codes are often used as a subtext by which I construct a thought into a rational image.

I have always been curious. It is through the sating of curiosity that my work is born. Some works are done from models or images, but the majority are created from memory alone. It is by being able to represent something identifiable from recollection that I gauge the success of the information I have gathered.



Guy W. Bell (b. 1980) is a visual artist and painter living in Arkansas. Born in Pensacola, FL. Bell’s early childhood was spent looking skyward, watching a never- ending procession of fighter jets soar over airbases on which he grew up. When his family relocated to Arkansas in 1987, the habit of looking toward the great beyond did not wane.

Though receiving no formal art training, Bell’s leisure time was consumed by learning the practices of painting, drawing and sculpting. After graduating college with a business-focused B.A. in Liberal Arts, he painted and wrote about art in his spare time. Finding success in selling work, Bell chose to pursue a full-time career as an oil painter. Bell’s first year as an artist was spent in the studio.  He set to creating an initial body of work united by the theme of understanding light and it’s effect on surfaces and in atmosphere. Curiosity drives his work. It is as concerned with understanding the nature of a subject as it is the final composition. As he continued his practice, his work gained acclaim both in the region and around the world as a master of depicting colorful skyscapes, incorporation of thoughtful narratives, and received renown for evocative contemporary compositions.

In 2013, Bell’s piece “Cain & Abel” was selected for Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art’s “State Of The Art” exhibition. It was shortly afterward that Bell set to creating the world’s first levitating stone sculpture, titled “Ascension”. It debuted in 2014. In 2015, Bell opened DRAWL Southern Contemporary Art, a gallery representing great artists from across the Southern region of the US.

Bell’s work is displayed in public, private and museum collections throughout the United States as well as in private collections in an additional thirteen countries. He has been mentioned in Beautiful Decay Magazine, Art Forum, Artillery Magazine, VICE Magazine’s Creator’s Project, Artists & Galleries of the South Magazine along with many others.